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American Leptin Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. is a global leader in coffee and other beverages slimming products. An international corporation with more than a thousand employees globally, operating its production many countries.


Manufacture in GMP and TGA facility factory

Products such as Leptin Green Coffee 1000 and Weight Loss Dried Plum are manufactured in accordance with Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) and Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) standard to provide consumer healthy and safety products. Besides, all Leptin products was approve by U.S Food and Drug Aministration (FDA) to ensure that the products are safe for consuming.


How to know a counterfeit Leptin product

Unfortunetely, with many products that have a rapid growth and successful sales, it opens the market to illegal or counterfeit product sales. As with their illegal other habits, the companies that "create" these counterfeit products show little regard for consumer safety, they lure customers with low prices and with these low prices go low quality, lower than you can imagine.

We hear of stories of companies purchasing vegetable powder, mixing it with coffee flavouring, placing into sachets and selling. "One step up" from these companies are the ones that use vegetable or starch powder, coffee flavouring and weight loss chemicals (amphetamines, etc), this is their input into weight loss ingredients. They have equipment set up in garages, bedrooms, etc. they mix with their hands - the list goes on.

In American Leptin we are fortunate enough to forget that these practices really do take place in other countries. If you suspect you have a fake or counterfeit Leptin product, we urge you to query it with us or bring it to our attention.

We are committed to removing them from the market, when they realise there is no return for them, the safer customers can be.

If you have any doubt your "Product", please contact us, there is the possibility the person you purchased off has previous stock, or there is other possibility.

Don't take chances with your health, chemical are not metabolised like other ingredients, regardless of weight loss, you have much more at risk. We will not take any responsibility for those "imitation" products.



Buy the "ORIGINALproducts only from Prowell Marketing Enterprise company.


Korea Ginseng

Explanation for the Korea Ginseng Character (1)

Korea Ginseng has been called Insam because it looks like a man. Korea Ginseng is well proven throughout the world, so other ginseng varieties are sold as if they were Korean. The Korea Ginseng Character was created to help consumers to identify Korea Ginseng easily. So for you it is simple to  identify Korean Ginseng with this mark.

 •Explanation for the Korea Ginseng Character (2)

The new Korea Insam Character is shaped with the typical look of insam to show the original Korea Insam features. Strong lines and image can express the clear and bright image of Insam. It shows the healthy and vivid life thanks to Korea Insam with red flowers and green leaves.

 •Credibility of the Korea Ginseng Character


- Korea Ginseng Character belongs to the Korean government according to the related law.

- No one can use it without the Korean government's permission

Products with the character

- Ginseng products that were made from Original Korean Ginseng can use the character marks

- Only Ginseng products that passed the rigid tests can use the marks

- You can easily and safely identify the original Korea Ginseng products with the character.



We obtained ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 and ISO 22000 and INNO-BIZ certification with hygienic manufacturing facilities and clean environment, and are producing a variety of health functional foods using ginseng and red ginseng, including OEM-type production, as a specialized manufacturer in health functional food, GMP designated by KFDA (Korea Food & Drug Administration).


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