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Good News After Taking Leptin Products! 


Christine(Kuala Lumpur)

My tummy has disappeared

I try Leptin Green Coffee 1000 for 6 weeks and reduced my waist from 71cm(28 inches) to 62cm(24 inches). I lost 2.5cm(1 inches) from my arms and 5cm(2 inches) from my thighs, my tummy has disappeared and I am surprise that my acne has cleared up!



 Ms. Amanda(Pulau Pinang)

Lost 10 kg within 2 Months

I was 64kg and felt tired easily. I didn't feel good at all. I was overweight for my small frame. I was a staff nurse and my job was very stressful in the hospital. A good friend of mine recommend me to use the Leptin Green Coffee 1000. I was sceptical about its effectiveness, but I was thinking, "No harm in trying, the worst result would be no weight loss".

My weight reduced from 64kg to 54kg within 4 weeks and I'm still maintaining my new weight after eight months. Thanks to Leptin Green Coffee 1000. You should try it also!


我曾经是个64公斤的小胖妹。我时常觉得容易疲倦,而且以我的身高来衡量的话我属于超重型。我的职业是一位护士,在医院的我工作是非常忙碌的。我的一个好朋 友推荐我饮用Leptin绿茶咖啡1000来帮助瘦身。刚开始时我怀疑其有效性,但我也在想,“试试看也无妨,反正最坏的结果就只是没有瘦到吧了”。之 后,每一天上班之前我就会饮用一杯Leptin绿茶咖啡。

在四个星期后,我的体重从原本的64公斤减少到54公斤,下降了10公斤之多!之后,我仍然维持着这个体重长达8个月。非常感谢Leptin 绿茶咖啡。你也应该尝试一下!

 Ms. Emma Reesa(Johor Bahru)

I Get Back My Shape Again!

On February of 2011, my weight was already 55kg. I realized that I was overweight and I started to find the simplest and easiest way to get my previous size, and luckily, I found Leptin Green Coffee 1000. After doing some research, I decided to try the product.

For first week, I took one packet of Green Coffee a day before the breakfast. My appetite was controlled by the product automatically that I became not so interest in chewing.

The result was: I lost about 2kg within 2 weeks!

And after using it for one month, I lost about 8kg in total, and I get my shape again. I’m so happy with result and I really belief on Leptin Green Coffee 1000 and I still continues using it as my daily nutritious and slimming drinks.


在第一个星期,我每一天早餐前15分钟饮用1包Leptin 绿茶咖啡。我的食欲控制了,而且我也不像平常那样爱吃零食。结果是:仅仅在


 Ms. Angela(From USA)                     

Lost 36 kgs in 4 Months

I had lost 36kg in 4 months and am feeling on top of the world. After the first week using Leptin Green Coffee 1000, I didn't seem to feel hungry at all. It helps me to reduce my weight after trying Leptin Green Coffee 1000 and it reduces 8kg for the first month. I continue to take this product for the second month and it successfuly reduce another 9kg. I'm so happy that within 2 months i had lost about 17kg. After 4 months later, my weight reduce from 86kg to 50kg(total lost 36kg). I'm very satisfied to this product and i would like to recommend all my friend who want to slim thier body too. 




Incredible 8 inches in 2 months

I'm a mother of 4 children. In less than 2 months on the Leptin Green Coffee 1000 weight loss programme I lost an amazing 20.32cm(8 inches) from my waist and my tummy has become flat again. I have tried over 10 other kinds of weight loss methods in the past and this is the first one that has worked successfully. I really believe on Leptin Green Coffee 1000, because it was effective. You should try this products and i believe you will get the best result on it! 


我有4个孩子。因为生产后而导致大肚腩。在饮用Leptin瘦身绿茶咖啡1000后的2个月后,我的腰围惊人地瘦下20.32cm(8寸)和 我的肚子再次变得平坦。我曾经尝试过超过10种其他的减肥方法都没效。而这是第一次饮用Leptin 瘦身绿茶咖啡1000便成功了!我真的非常相信Leptin 瘦身绿茶咖啡1000,因为它非常有效。你也应该尝试这个产品,我相信你也会得到很好的效果!此外,Leptin 瘦身绿茶咖啡1000也很好喝。