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Nuewee Organic Banana Protein 10 Sachets (Twin Pack)

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Nuewee Organic Banana Flavor Protein

Banana contains a unique type of Amino Acid. This type of Amino Acid helps body to produce “Happy Hormone”, which is able to reduce mental stress, eliminate depression and feels happier. It will also have the sedating or calming effect when it is consumed before sleeping.

It is also enriched with potassium which is helpful in eliminating of sodium in our body. Therefore,  it helps to reduce blood pressure and prevent of cardiovascular disease. It has been proven by American scientist that continuously consume two bananas everyday for a week, it helps to reduce blood pressure by 10%.

Banana seems to have all the vitamins and mineral content, and its level of calorie is very low and it is very ideal food for slimming purpose. It also enriched with vitamin A, which is effective in protecting the health of skin and hair as well as preventing skin chapping. It also contains moisturizing effect to the skin.

Amazing/Outstanding Effect in:

1.      Purifying the heavy metal elements in the blood
2.      Moisturizing effect on skin
3.      Reducing blood pressure
4.      Good for digestion and constipation as well as slimming purpose
5.      Natural painkiller, sedative and good for insomnia





Ways to Consume:

Mix 2 scoops of the Nuewee Organic Banana Protein Powder with 200ml cold or warm water. Stir well and serve.


把 2 匙的 Nuewee 有机香蕉豆粉加入200毫升的冷水或温水,搅拌均匀即可饮用。

Ingredients: Organic Soybean Powder, Isolated Soy Protein, Banana Juice Extract Powder and Stevia.


Benefits Nuewee Organic Banana Protein with FOS.jpg

Ingredients Nuewee Organic Banana Protein with FOS.jpg

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