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Red Ginseng Capsule (60 Cap)

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Geumhong Korea Ginseng Capsule

Geumhong Korea Ginseng Capsule is a highly concentrated essential health product, made into a capsule for convenience. The main ingredient of this capsule is Korea Ginseng, a specialty of Korea.

Geumhong Korea Ginseng Capsule uses Korean Ginseng which is harvested in Geumsan City. Geumsan City accounts for 80% of whole ginseng production in Korea. Geumhong Korea Ginseng Capsule naturally contains beneficial components such as ginsenosides and flavonoids, which are bioactive factors that play a role in well-being. It has the unique ability to revitalize and rejuvenate the entire body to help you make the most of your natural energy.



锦红(Geumhong) 韩国人参胶囊是由高品质及浓缩的韩国人参提炼而成,再制成胶囊方便食用。锦红韩国人参胶囊的主要成分是高品质的韩国人参,属于韩国最高尚特产之一。

锦 红(Geumhong) 韩国人参胶囊使用韩国锦山市(Geumsan)所出产的人参。韩国锦山市著名于出产高品质的人参,占整个韩国约80%。 锦红韩国人参胶囊含有天然有益成分“人参皂甙”和黄酮类化合物,能够增强免疫系统及体质。它具有独特的效果,恢复活力,让您感觉每一天都精神饱满及充满能 量!

Packing: 60 capsules/Box


Price: Rm180.00/box 






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