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Salmon Oil Cream Cre8skin

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As the revitalizing energy of salmon penetrates deep into the skin, you feel like tightening skin and adding softness in the smooth skin texture. You will be always given a moist day for 24 hours.


5 大成分,守护疲劳肌肤的5大秘密。

5 ingredients, the 5 secret to regenerate your skin new and fresh

1.三文鱼油 5,000 ppm
   Alaska Salmon Oil 5,000 ppm

含有组成维生素A, B和皮肤屏障的欧米茄3-脂肪酸以及具有抗氧化作用的维生素E,保护肌肤,令肌肤润泽晶透。

As  Vitamin A, and B, Omega 3 fatty acids forming a kin barrier, and Vitamin B with antioxidant, the cream can protect your skin and make moist and resilient skin.

2. 专利成分L22
Patented L22


Ingredients si a lipid complex of Macadamia seed oils, Jojoba Oil Esters, Phytosterols, Phytostery Macadamiate, Squalene and Tocopherol.

It is a US patented ingredients as optimized lipid source with the similar ratio of types found on the healthy and young skin. 

3. 鱼子酱提取物
Caviar Extracts


Skin-friendly proteins and amino acids that are essential to skin hydration provide nutrients moisturize the skin.

4. 三文鱼籽提取物
Salmon Egg Extracts

含有为肌肤供给营养,抗氧化作用优秀的维生素E, 能增强皮肤柔软性,令肌肤柔软细嫩。
As it nourishes the skin, included Vitamin E with excellent anti-oxidant activiteis, it enhances skin flexibility and elasticity.

5. 海带提取物
Seaweed Extracts


As it optimizes the moisturizing conditions of Keratin and forms an elastic, smooth and transparent film on the skin surface, it makes soft skin.

The above descriptions are only applied to properties of raw materials.

Capacity: 80g (6 months if use daily)
How to use

Apply an appropriate amount of cream to the face evenly (Last step of skin care products)
It can be applied on eye area, used as eye-cream


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