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Surgical Face Mask 50pcs/box

RM 50.00



  • 由优质环保亲肤无纺布制成,具有抗菌防雾,无毒无刺激的特性
  • 三层高效过滤,对颗粒的阻挡能力更强,可以过滤有害空气,使用更安全。
  • 非常贴合脸部,可根据脸部形状和鼻梁调节,避免出现缝隙。透气轻便,长时间不紧绷,佩戴舒适。
  • 弹性耳带易于佩戴,不会给您的耳朵带来紧绷与压力。
  • 三层折叠设计,超大空间,呼吸更舒适。

  • Made of high-quality environmental friendly skin-friendly non-woven material, anti-bacterial and anti-haze, non-toxic and non-irritating
  • Three-layer high efficiency filter system has stronger blocking ability to particles, can filter the harmful air, safer to use
  • Fits to the face, the adjustable magic nose bridge strip can be adjusted according to the shape of the face to avoid gaps. Breathable and light, not tight to wear for a long time, comfortable to wear
  • Elastic ear band is easy to wear, not tight, brings no pressure to your ears
  • Three layer folding design, super large space, more comfortable breathing

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