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Debeauty Reborn White Kidney Bean

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Reborn White Kidney Bean 

A word on Carbohydrates & Starch Digestion
Body weight is related to how much energy one consumes and expends. Every day, we use energy to function properly. Even while we are sleeping or resting, our body continues to carry out activities outside of our control. These activities use at least two-thirds of your energy needs.
Carbohydrate is the main source of blood glucose, which is a major fuel for all of the body’s cells and the only source of energy for the brain and red blood cells. If a person consumes more energy-giving foods than he/she needs, then the excess energy is stored as fat.
Foods than he/she needs, then the excess energy is stored as fat.
1.    There are 2 forms of carbohydrates that we consume
i.    Simple carbohydrates
•    Sucrose (such as table sugar).
•    Dextrose/glucose (corn or grape sugar).
•    Fructose (fruit sugar).
ii.    Complex carbohydrates
•    Starch and fibres (mainly “carbo” foods such as rice, bread, potato, spaghetti, noodle).
2.    Inside the mouth, starch is broken down into maltose by the energy Ptyalin (an alpha-amylase) secreted by the parotid and salivary glands. At this stage, only 5% of all starch is broken down.
3.    Inside the lining of the small intestines, an enzyme called amylase breaks maltose into the blood. Glucose is carried through the bloodstream to the liver, where it is stored or used to provide energy for the bodily functions.
4.    The smaller units of starch (broken down by alpha-amylase) pass through the intestines, where a second enzyme; alpha-glucosidase is secreted. It further breaks down the smaller units of starch into simple sugars (monosaccharides) that the body can absorb. Starch hydrolysis by alpha-amylase determines the rate or starch digestion.
By blocking the actions of both alpha-amylase and alpha-glucosidase, the starch in the food we eat cannot be completely broken down into simple sugars that our body can absorb.Beans that Block Starch Digestion & Absorption
Soybean (Glycine max.L)
The final step of starch digestion takes place in the intestinal walls. At this stage, smaller units of starch is further broken down into simple sugars by the enzyme alpha-glucosidase that the body can absorb.
Soybean extract inhibits the action of alpha-glucosidase. By blocking its action, the starch in food we eat cannot be completely broken down into simple sugars that our body can absorb.
Kidney Bean (Phaseolus vulgaris)
When starch passes through the stomach and enters the intestines, the pancreas is triggered to secrete a digestive enzyme called alpha-amylase in the upper portion of the intestines. Once absorption takes place, starch which is converted to glucose is either stored as glycogen in the liver, or is converted to fatty acids and tryglycerides, which contribute to body weight.
Kidney Bean extract has been found to inhibit the action of alpha-amylase. Alpha-amylase is the enzyme that breaks down starch and sugar (sucrose) in the foods we eat into glucose that can be absorbed by the body. Blocking alpha-amylase prevents the digestion of starches, thus long chains of sugar is not broken down into smaller units that can be absorbed by the body.
Garcinia Cambogia 100mg
It has three main functions. Firstly, it inhibits the synthesize process of fat. The theory is based on the fact that when the glucose in the body converts to fat, it inhibits the ATP CITRATE LYASEenzeam which causes the fatty acid cannot be synthesized and inhibits the process of Glycolysis. It enhances the burning process of fatty acids and speedily activates adrenaline and therefore, fastens the elimination of fat. It also breaks down as well as burns off huge amount of fat and reduces the absorption of fat. The Carcinia fruit is enriched with dietary fibre which can increase stomach full feeling and thus reduce the consumption of food. 
L-Carnitine 100mg
L-Carnitine is one of nine essential amino acids. It also helps to deliver the glucose in the body to the whole body evenly. This will eliminate the problem of partial fat in our body. 
L-Carnitine will let the fat to be penetrated into mitochondria within short period of time. It helps to burn the fat fully and converts the fat to become energy for the body to utilize. It has no side effects. When we consume L-Carnitine, it is good to combine with aerobic exercise which will enhance the fat burning process as well as the slimming effect!
Grapefruit Extract 100mg
A grapefruit has about 100 calories and 4 grams of fibre, is a natural saturation, reduce appetite, low blood sugar foods, helps break down fat to achieve weight loss results.
Direction to use:
Take 2 capsules daily. Before Meal.
White Kidney Bean Question & Answer
 1. What Are the results for Reborn White Kidney Bean?
Reborn White Kidney Bean capsules taken before a meal can block up to 1125 calories. 
Its white kidney bean formulation has been researched to reduce absorption of starch by up to 66%-75% 
resulting in significantly less caloric intake.
2. How does White Kidney Bean extract works?
White Kidney Bean extract inhibits the body’s production of starch digestive enzyme alpha amylase. 
The inhibition blocks the absorption of starch calories, thus leading to weight loss.
3. How much of starch calories can one capsule, consisting of 500mg of White Kidney Bean Extract block?
Studies showed 66% reduction of starch calories absorption with intake of 1000mg (ie. 2 capsules).
4. Do I change my diet while taking White Kidney Bean extract?
You should be able to continue enjoy carbohydrate based foods such as spaghetti, pizza, fried rice etc. 
It is important however for one to include balance diet and exercise in your weight loss plan.
5. Will it affect other enzyme that work on other food breakdown?
Our meals are mainly made up of 3 food categories; carbohydrate, fats and protein. 
Specific enzyme is released in our system for the breaking-down of each category. Pepsin for protein, 
lipase for fats and amylase for carbohydrate. The inhibition of amylase is only to “neutralize” carbohydrate 
and block the absorption of starch calories. It has no impact on other enzyme.
6. How soon do I see result?
Studies have shown a lost of 6.5 pounds at the end of a 30-day trial. Biological variance however may play a role.
7. Is there any side effect?
No side effects were reported in various studies complied. 
Undigested starch will be eliminated as waste. It does not go into blood stream and affect the body’s organs. 
8. Would one become addicted or dependant?
Studies showed that one would not be addicted or dependant after prolonged consumption of the extract. 
Like other foods, you can consume them as and when you feel necessary.
9. Would one put on weight if one stop taking the extract?
Although one would not be putting on weight if one stop taking the extract, it is advisable to be disciplined with your dietary intake.
10. Who should take Reborn White Kidney Bean extract?
Everyone who wish to loss weight in a healthy way.
11. Who are not fit to taking Reborn White Kidney Bean? 
Pregnancy, are taking any prescription disease, severe ill (heart disease, kidney disease, cancer patients) and those who just knee surgery. 
Drugs or caregiver, you need to consult a doctor, drinking in the doctor's recommendations. 

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