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Hello Kitty 4D Motion Facial Brush (Pearl White)

RM 129.00

- It is easy to grip with one hand and cleanses pore with dead skin cells effectively.

- Elegant pearl white color.
- Cute design with strong and deep cleansing effect! 
- Fine and soft micro bristles, compatible for Facial cleansing.
- As rotating left and right in 15 degrees, it cleanses pore effectively and remove various skin wastes such as blackhead, dead skin cells, makeup residue.

- World famous character "Hello Kitty" design and authentic product certified by "Sanrio Japan". 

- Recommended as “Special Gift"

Are you concerns about below issue?
①Large pores
②Excessive blackhead
③Excessive dead skin cells
④Wrong makeup cleansing
⑤Not being refreshed after cleansing
⑥Oily and greasy skin
⑦Excessive sebum 
✔Details of Hello Kitty 4D Motion Facial Brush:
✓Brush head is replaceable to be used as brand new all the time.
✓Easy-to-stand cradle included.
✓Micro fine bristles with Vitamin C contained for perfect skin care!
✓2 AAA Batteries with upgraded basic waterproof function.
✓Dead skin cells and Skin wastes all at once.
✔Main function of Hello Kitty 4D Motion Facial Brush
* Pore cleansing for Glowy skin
* Removing blackhead Cleanly
* Removing dead skin cells Perfectly
* Convenient makeup cleansing. Deep cleansing!
✔Why is the pore care important?
The reason why we should take care of pores.
Our skin secretes sebum to protect itself and continues to produce dead skin cells in a certain period of time.Additionally,various outer factors and fine dust get accumulated in pores while doing outdoor activities.
As a result, excessive sebum, old dead skin cells and various skin wastes are accumulated in pores and it cause blackhead which is getting dry and bigger as time passes by and becomes the main factor of large pores.
Hello Kitty 4D Motion Facial Brush cleanses various skin wastes in pores effectively to prevent large pore, blackhead and white head in order to create clean and clear skin texture.
It refreshes skin as removing makeup residues and skin wastes and helps to absorb skin care products into skin better after cleansing with this pore brush.
- 优雅珍珠白的颜色。
- 可爱的设计,强大的和深层清洁效果! 
- 精细和柔软的微刷毛。 
- 四维专利技术能够旋转左,右15度清洗脸部,它有效地净化毛孔,去除各种皮肤残留物,如去黑头,死皮细胞,化妆品残留物等,去除各种皮肤问题
- 世界著名的卡通“凯蒂猫”的设计和拥有“日本Sanrio 公司”所认证的原装产品。 
- 被推荐为“送礼佳品”。
Hello Kitty的4D动感洁面刷详细资料:
* 刷头是可更换的,使产品维持在最佳洁面 效果。
* 产品能够立体站着。
* 微细刷毛含有维生素C,拥有完美的肌肤护理!
* 2粒AAA电池与升级版的防水功能。
* 清洁毛孔, 使肌肤光滑明亮
* 去除黑头干净利落
* 完美去除死皮细胞
* 方便卸妆。深层清洁!
Hello Kitty 4D动感刷面刷能够深层清洗毛孔和有效防止毛孔变粗大,黑头和白头,使皮肤更加干净和漂亮的肤色。

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