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Korean Beauty™ 4D Motion Facial Cleansing Machine (Pink)

RM 129.00 RM 199.00

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KoreanBeauty 4D动感洁面刷



KoreanBeauty 4D动感洁面刷是韩国今年2014年最热门的美容产品之一。



1. 深层洁净:


2. 胶原蛋白保养和护理


3. 毛孔保护和护理


4. 控油


5. 按摩效果


Korean Beauty 4D Motion Cleansing Brush.jpg
Korean Beauty 4D machine  X 1
刷头 X 1
 AAA Battery X 2
说明书 X 1
年保家表格 X1


Korean Beauty 4D Motion Face Cleansing Brushis one of the hottest beauty product in Korea.

Washing our face with our bare hands often leave traces of dirt and oil in our skin. This is why the experts have come up with this innovative electrical face brush.

Korean Beauty 4D Motion Facial Cleansing Brush is an electrical face brush that patented 4D motion technology, super deep cleansing using 4 direction (right & left rotation + up & down vibration).
 Korean Beauty 4D Motion Facial Cleansing Brush made by 97,000 micro-fine fiber as fine as diameter 0.009mm. It helps to remove impurities that couldn't remove by using our bare hand.

Efficacy and effects:

1. Deep Cleansing:

* Through vibration and rotation residue and impurities from make up are removed.

 2. Collagen Care and Management
 * Continuous deep pore cleansing through soft and flexible micro-bristle movement helps in care and maintenance of collagen.

 3. Pore Care and Management
 * Through Collagen management and deep cleansing soft and transparent skin is achieved.

 4. Sebum Control
 * Sebum around nose area is regularly cleaned by regular vibration and rotation.

 5. Massage Effect
 * Product's gentle vibration helps maintain skin vitality and elasticity.


Korean Beauty 4D Motion Cleansing Brush.jpg


Korean Beauty 4D Motion Cleansing Brush 4.jpg

Package included:

* 1 X Korean Beauty 4D machine

* 1 X Facial Brush Head

* 2 X AAA battery

* 1 X  Menu book

* 1 X One year warranty Card

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