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Nuewee Pure Collagen Hydrolysate/Peptide (150g) 胶原蛋白肽

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Collagen provides multidimensional benefits for skin, bone and joint health by regenerating the cells needed for maintaining an active lifestyle and enhanced immunity, health, strength and elasticity throughout the body.
Collagen Hydrolysate is a high-quality, clinically tested, bio peptide. Marine Collagen is easy to digest and quickly absorbed due to its low molecular weight and high bioavailability.
Classified as a food supplement, it is widely consumed in Korea by all age-groups especially those who look after their overall wellness, health and appearance


Collagen Hydrolysate is a  high-quality  bio peptide  Marine  Collagen which is also known as "Super Collagen" because this is the  form of collagen that  our  body  can best  absorb.  This is  so because  of  the process  of “HYDROLYZATION” which reduces the molecular size of the collagen and increases the intestinal absorption of  the product. 

It has been clinically tested that the use of hydrolysed collagen improves skin suppleness, hydration and elasticity which allows its users to look younger and be healthier.

Nuewee Pure Collagen Hydrolysate consist of 16 types of amino acids and low in molecular weight (2000 delton). Because of its low molecular weight, it is easily absorbed and digested in our body.


Benefits of Nuewee Pure Collagen Hydrolysate
It has been proven by numerous clinical tests that absorption of collagen hydrolysate by human body great assistance in:

Improve Skin Moisture Level
Improve elasticity and suppleness of skin
Strong and fast growing nails💅
Prevent and reduce the deep wrinkles
Thicker and strong hair👨🎤
Reduce the symptom of joint pain
Improve and prevent osteoporosis🏌

Ingredients of Nuewee Pure Collagen Hydrlysate: 
100% Collagen Hydrolysate (Extrated from Marine)


No Additives
  No Preservatives

No Artificial Ingredients
  No Fat


No Pesticides Lactose and Gluten Free

Nuewee Pure Collagen Hydrlysate recommended for people who:

> Want a quick boost of health & beauty in their daily lifestyle.

> Want to keep moisturized skin.

> Always feel tired 

> Do not get enough exercise or want to supplement their exercise routine with a supplement to strengthen joints

> May not get enough intake of daily protein.

Direction to use Nuewee Pure Collagen Hydrlysate:
Mix 1 scoop (*5gm) of Nuewee Pure Collagen Hydrolysate into beverages like milk, juice or Nuewee Organic Series Products.


For age 25-35: 1 scoop/day
 For age 36 and above: 2 scoop/day
 For Joint Care or Joint Pain: 2 scoop/day

Benefits on SKIN HEALTH 

Collagen helps to promote healthy, radiant skin by nourishing our body with the nutritional building blocks required to improve skin structure. 

Skin Health is affected by age and external factors. Collagen is one of the most important structural substances in our bodies, accounting for 25 to 30% of its total protein –75% of our skin is collagen.

It is the key component for supple and radiant healthy skin.

As we age, our body loses its ability to make collagen, causing it to break down.

Loss of collagen leads to a collapsing dermal layer and this contributes to wrinkles and loss of elasticity.  

The environment also affects our skin and UVA/UVB exposure induces skin damage and loss of collagen.

Everyone can benefit from taking collagen and maintaining the integrity of the extracellular matrix is essential for a youthful skin appearance.



Collagen is a bioactive ingredient that improves skin properties to achieve an optimal skin condition.  

Nuewee Pure Collagen Hydrolysate slows down the aging process by nourishing the body with the nutritional building blocks it needs.
Nuewee Pure Collagen Hydrolysate contains large amounts of the amino acids, glycine, proline and hydroxyproline than many other proteins.

These amino acids are necessary for promoting healthy tissue growth by the cells themselves.

Collagen also highly digestible and is characterized by an improved bioavailability for optimal results on the skin.

Collagen embraces the benefits of “beauty from within”.

Comprehensive clinical studies have been carried out, highlighting the numerous positive effects of ingesting collagen.

 Benefits on JOINTS HEALTH 

Collagen promotes joint health by helping to repair joint matrix degeneration and improving long term joint comfort and mobility. 

Osteoarthritis - most common joint disorder is on the rise.

Joint Health is affected by age and external factors causing osteoarthritis, also known as degenerative joint disease, and is the most common joint disorder. Osteoarthritis is linked to the breakdown of cartilage, exclusively made of chondrocytes cells.

This form of arthritis can be developed with age but external factors can also affect joints, such as mechanical stress due to intense sport activities.

These cells produce and maintain the artilaginous matrix, consisting mainly of collagen. An insufficient amount of collagen results in the loss of cartilage.

Without the normal amount of cartilage, the bones rub together, causing pain, inflammation and stiffness. Any movement can be extremely painful and mobility becomes limited.


Collagen is a bioactive ingredient that promotes joint health by helping to repair joint matrix degeneration and improving long-term joint comfort and mobility.

Studies have shown that ingestion of collagen hydrolysate directly improves joint mobility, comfort and reduces joint pain.

These collagen hydrolysate are accumulated in cartilage and help to repair joint matrix degeneration by stimulating chondrocytes cells for the biosynthesis of collagen.


Research has shown Collagen helps to restore bone mineral density and support healthy bone metabolism. It also supports hair and nail health.

Bone Health is affected by age. As worldwide population is rapidly aging, bone health problems are consistently increasing, causing pain and discomfort.

In the elderly particularly, the amount of daily intake of protein can be sub optimal and can contribute to osteoporosis, a condition where the bone mineral density is low and is associated with increasing risks of fracture.


Molecular biologists have identified collagen as the key structural protein can help you get thicker hair and nails from the inside out.

All bones consist of living and dead cells embedded in the extra-cellular matrix that makes up the skeleton. While bone is essentially brittle, it does have a significant degree of elasticity, contributed chiefly by collagen.  


Collagen has numerous beneficial effects. Collagen Hydrolysate help to maintain bone health and restore bone mineral density in order to prevent the risk of osteoporosis. 

Every-one can benefit from taking collagen to preserve bone health and for an improved quality of life.

No Additives  
  No Preservatives

No Artificial Ingredients 

  No Fat 


No Pesticides Lactose and Gluten Free 



Collagen Hydrolysate是一种高质量,临床测试的生物肽。海洋胶原蛋白因其低分子量和高生物利用度而易于消化并迅速吸收。   



Collagen Hydrolyzate是一种高品质的生物肽海洋胶原蛋白,也被称为超级胶原蛋白,因为它是我们的身体最能吸收的胶原蛋白形式。这是因为水解过程减少了胶原蛋白的分子大小并增加了产品的肠道吸收。


Nuewee Pure Collagen Hydrolysate16种氨基酸组成,分子量低(2000 Delton)。由于其低分子量,它很容易被人体吸收和消化


Nuewee Pure Collagen Hydrolsate的成分:







Nuewee Pure Collagen 流失.jpg

大力推荐 Nuewee Pure Collagen Hydrlysate给以下人士: 

使用Nuewee Pure Collagen Hydrolysate 方法:
1勺(= 5gm *)的Nuewee Pure Collagen Hydrolysate加入您的饮料中,如牛奶,果汁或Nuewee 一系列的功能性配方。

  *5gm = 5000mg


年龄25-35: 1勺
岁及以上: 2勺
 用于关节护理或关节疼痛: 2勺




皮肤健康受年龄和外部因素的影响。胶原蛋白是我们体内最重要的结构物质之一,占其总蛋白质的25%至30 - 我们75%的皮肤是胶原蛋白。



环境也会影响我们的皮肤,UVA / UVB暴露会导致皮肤损伤和胶原蛋白的流失。




Nuewee Pure Collagen Hydrolyzate通过滋养身体所需的营养成分来减缓衰老过程。 

Nuewee Pure Collagen Hydrolyzate含有大量的氨基酸,甘氨酸,脯氨酸和羟脯氨酸,比许多其他蛋白质。




Nuewee Pure Collagen Ads.jpg



骨关节炎 - 最常见的关节疾病正在上升。






胶原蛋白是一种生物活性成分,通过帮助修复关节基质变性和改善长期关节舒适度和活动性来促进关节健康 . 



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1. What is Collagen?

Collagen is the most abundant protein in human body.

Collagen contribute one-third of overall protein in human body,it also contribute three quarter of our skin composition,it could be found in every organ in our body, such as:skin, skeleton, cartilage, ligament, cornea, intima, fascia, etc, it is the main component to maintain the form and structure of skin and organ.

Collagen can endow the skin with toughness, elasticity and waterproof function. It maintains the shape and structure of the skin tissues and organs, it is also an important material for repairing damaged tissues, and it is also the main component of the extracellular matrix. The skin tissues are 70% made of collagen. 

2. Why we have to replenish collagen?

Due to the increasing of age and the damage caused by UV rays, etc, the ability to synthesize new collagen gradually decreases after the age of 25,the skin becomes loose, dehydrated, sensitive, dull, prone to wrinkle, pigmentation and enlarged pores.

Moreover, as the body is gradually aging, and problems such as loose body, muscle deformation, joint degeneration, bone loss, skin aging, and weakened immunity are caused by the lack of collagen. Once these signs of aging appear, collagen must be replenished on time to get a fix!

3. What is Nuewee Pure Collagen Hydrolysate made of? Why we have to choose fish-derived collagen?

Nuewee Pure Collagen Hydrolysate is made from tilapia fish skin

The collagen raw materials in the market are mainly pigskin, cowhide, fish scales and fish skin. Among them, fish skin and fish scales are internationally recognized top collagen raw materials, and fish-derived collagen, with non-polluted, high collagen peptide content, and no risk of foot-and-mouth disease, mad cow disease, swine flu, etc., it has become the first choice for collagen raw materials. Apparently, fish-derived collagen is 7 times easier to be dissolved and absorb compared with swine-derived collagen.

4. What is the molecule size of Nuewee Pure Collagen Hydrolyzate? What is the difference between Nuewee Pure Collagen Hydrolyzate and ordinary collagen?

Nuewee Pure Collagen Hydrolysate also known as collagen peptides, average molecular size of the Nuewee Pure Collagen Hydrolysate is 2,000 Dalton.

It has been clinically tested that the use of hydrolyzed collagen improves skin suppleness, hydration and elasticity which allows its users to look younger and become healthier.

Ordinary collagen exists in the form of fibers, which is difficult to dissolve in water and difficult to be absorbed by the body. Compared with collagen that has a molecular weight of about 300,000, low-molecular-weight collagen has a molecular weight as low as several thousand. It dissolves easily in water and does not gel even when cooled, so it can be powdered and used in combination with beverages.

5. Does heat (or cold) affect the efficiency of Nuewee Pure Collagen Hydrolysate?

No, the heating of Nuewee Pure Collagen Hydrolysate does not affect its efficiency. It is suitable for low temperature and even in freezing condition.

6. Are pregnant and breastfeeding women safe to consume Nuewee Pure Collagen Hydrolysate?

Yes. During pregnancy, the fetus will absorb a large amount of collagen from the mother, resulting in the loss of maternal collagen, dry skin, dull complexion, spots, lose elasticity. Thus, it is necessary to supplement enough collagen and other nutrients during this period.

7. Do you have any testing report and data proven for skin test that is suitable for all kinds of skin even the sensitive and wound skin?

According to existing data, there are no contraindications on taking collagen. This is because Nuewee Pure Collagen Hydrolysate is a food supplement. Unless they have special condition on not eating animal derived foods.

8. Is there any recommendable age to consume Nuewee Pure Collagen Hydrolysate?

No. Collagen is beneficial for everyone as collagen is a natural element in our human body. It is the key to maintain the beauty of skin. However, it is highly recommended for adults.

9. Does collagen produce fats?


10. If I consume Nuewee Pure Collagen Hydrolysate while exercisingwill it absorb more efficiently?

Yes, Nuewee Pure Collagen Hydrolysate as a natural protein has direct relation with the growth of muscle. The more the muscle, the higher the metabolism, and the lower the fats.

Nuewee Pure Collagen Hydrolysate supports a virtuous cycle of fat loss by supporting the development of muscle tissue.

11. Does Nuewee Pure Collagen Hydrolysate help suppressing the effects of skin damage caused by UV?

Based on the latest research, collagen helps suppressing the effects of skin damage caused by the sun. This was based on a double blind placebo trial where 5gm of collagen peptide were ingested during four weeks.

** The test was conducted over the skin of Korean adult males between the ages of 20 to 59 years old.

12. Is there any estrogen?

Collagen does not contain estrogen, it will not increase the quantity of estrogen.

13. Will taking collagen cause breast hyperplasia?

If taking only pure collagen, it will not cause breast hyperplasia, it is suitable for everyone. The main collagen products in the market are made up of several ingredients, while most of them use soy isoflavones, soy isoflavones are the main factors that caused the production of mammary glands, and long-term intake will increase the chance of getting breast hyperplasia.

14. Is it necessary to take collagen after aging skin has been repaired?

It is necessary to take collagen for 1 to 2 month(s).Due to the process of metabolism in human body, there will be some losses, as you get older, your own ability to produce collagen will gradually decline, especially after the age of 40, compared with 25 years old, this ability will be reduced at least more than half. Continue taking collagen will strengthen the healthy level of skin, maintain the elasticity and moisture status.

15. Can women take collagen during their menstrual cycle (menstruation)?

Our product does not contain any hormone, it will not affect female endrocrine cycle. Therefore, it does not affect normal use during menstruation, so you can take it safely.

16. How to take collagen powder?

Under normal circumstances, suggested daily dosage for collagen powder is 5gm, if the skin condition is not that good, can be increased to 8-10 grams per day. The best time to take collagen powder is half an hour before going to bed, because 10:00 pm to 2:00 am is the ideal period for skin repair.

We can take twice a day separately, before breakfast and half an hour before going to bed for better absorption, mixed with juice, milk or plain water.

Recommended dosage:
Age of 25 to 30– 1 tablespoon (5gm)
Age of 36 and above– 2 tablespoon (10gm)
Joint Care/Pain– 2 tablespoon (10gm)

17. How long does it take collagen to show its effectiveness?

It takes a certain amount of time for collagen to absorb and change the skin condition of human body, the metabolic cycle for skin is 28 days, the skin should be significantly improved, and the initial effect will be achieved after taking it for about 1 month.

Usually it takes a month to solve the problem of loose and inelastic skin. To repair of fine lines and wrinkles takes about 2 months, and it is best to keep taking it for 2-3 months to achieve the desired effect.

18. Is excessive intake of collagen better?

Although collagen is beneficial for human body, but excessive intake will possibly converted to subcutaneous fat in the body. Thus, when choosing collagen, it is important to choose low molecular weight collagen and take appropriate amount (do refer to FAQ16) .

19. What nutrients are better when taken together with collagen?

Vitamin C promotes collagen production in the body and helps improve collagen absorption.

20. Is there any collagen in plants? For instance “plant-derived collagen”

Collagen only found in animals. So called “plant-derived collagen”, it is just that a certain sequence of its structure is similar with ordinary collagen, but it does not have the effect of collagen at all.

21. Which gives a better effect, collagen by oral consumption or topical use?

Both are effective on skin care and function. Oral consumption increase the content of collagen from internal of the skin base, which in turn drives the increase of skin moisture content, promotes the normalization of skin metabolism rate, and restores the healthy texture of the skin.

While topical collagen is form a water-retaining protective film that similar with skin on the surface of skin, this hypoallergenic film effectively retains moisture on the skin’s surface, reduces the rate of water lost from the skin, so that the skin can be maintained in a supple state, the skin is restored from a dehydrated and unhealthy metabolic state to a healthy state of adequate moisture nourishment, and then make the skin and oil secretion back to normal status, and restore your oil-water balance and crystal clear skin.

22. Why do some people take Nuewee collagen peptides effective within a few days, while others take longer?

The difference of individual body structure lead to the difference of effectiveness. Some people have better gastrointestinal absorption which gives faster effect.

23. Does it have fishy smell?

Collagen itself has a fishy smell. But Nuewee Pure Collagen Hydrolysate from Korea has minimized the fishy smell in collagen with advanced technology, until you do not even notice it. If you mix it with your favourite drinks, the fishy smell almost gone.

24. Will my body become dependent after using the product for a while?

No, natural collagen in body decreases with age, the main effect of taking collagen helps to slow down the loss of collagen and strengthen the body’s collagen. So you can stop taking it at any time without causing dependence on the body.

25. Will my condition get worse if I stop using Nuewee Pure Collagen Hydrolysate in the future?

Not really. Nuewee collagen peptides made of pure natural ingredients, improve your skin problems, and achieve whitening and anti-aging effects by regulating the skin’s metabolic system. After stop using it, the skin condition will maintain its condition, it will not get worse and over rely on it.

No Additives  没有添加剂
  No Preservatives

No Artificial Ingredients 没有人造成分

  No Fat 没有脂肪

No GMO 没有转基因生物

No Pesticides Lactose and Gluten Free 没有杀虫剂乳糖和面筋释放

1. 什么是胶原蛋白?

胶原蛋白 是人体中含量最多的蛋白质。

胶原蛋白占人体总蛋白质的三分之一, 皮肤结构中更占有四分之三,它遍及全身的各个组织器官,如:肌肤、骨骼、软骨、韧带、角膜、各种内膜、筋膜等,是维持肌肤与组织器官形态、结构的主要成分。


2. 为什么要补充胶原蛋白?



3. Nuewee Pure Collagen Hydrolysate 由什么制成的?为什么要选择鱼类胶原蛋白?

Nuewee Pure Collagen Hydrolyzate是经过加工的 罗非鱼鱼皮制成的


4. Nuewee Pure Collagen Hydrolyzate的分子量大小是多少?与普通的胶原蛋白有何区别?

Nuewee Pure Collagen Hydrolyzate 也称之为胶原蛋白肽,平均分子量为 2,000道尔顿(Dalton)。.

胶原蛋白的分子越小,能增加肠道的吸收。临床测试表明,食用胶原蛋白肽可以改善皮肤的柔软度,保湿性和弹性,使用户看起来 更年轻,更健康。.

由于普通胶原蛋白以纤维形式存在,很难溶于水,很难被人体吸收。相对与分子量约为30万的胶原蛋白,低分子化胶原蛋白使分子量低至几千左右 很容易溶解在水中,即使冷却也并不固化,因此可以制成粉末并结合饮料使用。

5. 使用时的水温度热(或冷) Nuewee Pure Collagen Hydrolyzate?


6. 孕妇和哺乳期妇女是否适合食用Nuewee Pure Collagen Hydrolyzate?

可以。女性在怀孕期间,胎儿会吸收母体大量胶原蛋白,导致母体胶原蛋白流失, 皮肤干燥、脸色暗淡长斑、失去弹性。 这段期间更要补充足够的胶原蛋白和其他的营养素。

7. 您是否有任何测试报告和数据证明此产品适用于各种皮肤甚至敏感和伤口皮肤者使用?


8. 食用Nuewee Pure Collagen Hydrolysate是否有任何年龄的界限?

没有界限。胶原蛋白有益于所有的人,原因是胶原蛋白是我们体内天然存在的元素,是维持肌肤紧致美丽的关键。但是,显然 建议成年人使用。.

9. 胶原蛋白会产生脂肪吗?


10. 如果我在运动时食用 Nuewee Pure Collagen Hydrolyzate会帮助我的饮食吸收吗?

是的,Nuewee Pure Collagen Hydrolyzate作为 天然蛋白质与肌肉发育有直接关系。肌肉越多,新陈代谢越高,脂肪越低。

Nuewee Pure Collagen Hydrolyzate帮助 肌肉组织的发育和减少脂肪。

11. Nuewee Pure Collagen Hydrolysate 是否有助于抑制紫外线而引起的皮肤损伤?

根据最新研究, 胶原蛋白有助于抑制太阳所引起的皮肤损伤。这是基于双盲安慰剂试验,其中在4周内摄入5gm胶原蛋白肽。


12. 有没有雌激素?

胶原蛋白 没有雌激素的,也不会导致雌激素增加。

13. 服用胶原蛋白会导致乳腺增生吗?

如果只是服用 纯胶原蛋白,是 不会导致乳腺增生,适合任何人使用。大多数的市场上的胶原蛋白产品,都是由几种成分组成的配方,而大多数的都使用 大豆异黄酮,而大豆异黄酮是 乳腺产生的诱发因素,长期摄取会导致乳腺增生的。

14. 肌肤衰老得到修复后,是否还有必要服用胶原蛋白?

还需要继续适量服用1--2个月。因为人体有一个 新陈代谢 的过程,所有会流失一部分,另外随着 年龄越来越大,自身生成胶原蛋白的能力会逐渐下降,尤其到 40岁后,与 25岁比较,这种能力会至少 下降一半以上, 继续服用会巩固肌肤的营养状态,保持肌肤的弹性水分健康状态。.

15. 女性生理周期(月经)可以服用胶原蛋白吗?

我们的产品 不含任何激素,, 不影响女性内分泌循环所以在月经期间不影响正常使用, 可以放心服用


正常情况下,胶原蛋白粉每天用量建议为 5克(gm),如果皮肤状态不好,可以加量至每天8—10克。 胶原蛋白粉的最佳服用时间为睡前半小时,因为晚上10点到凌晨2点是肌肤修复的最佳时间。

我们可以每天分开2次服用,早餐前空腹与晚上睡觉前半小时,吸收更好 与果汁或是牛奶或纯净水搅拌一起服用。.

年龄25-35岁– 1 汤匙 (5gm)
年龄36 或以上– 2 汤匙 (10gm)
关节护理/疼痛– 2 汤匙 (10gm)

17. 服用胶原蛋白多长时间见效?

胶原蛋白在人体吸收改变肌肤的过程中,需要一定的时间, 皮肤的代谢周期为28天,所以一般肌肤要有明显的改善,大约服用1个月就会有初步的效果。

解决 肌肤松弛无弹性问题,一般一个月即可细纹和皱纹 的修复需要 2个月左右,达到理想的效果最好坚持服用 2-3个月。.

18. 胶原蛋白的摄取量越多越好吗?

虽然胶原蛋白对身体有益,如果过量摄入,有可能最终在体内转化为皮下脂肪。因此,在选择胶原蛋白时,相比数量, 选择低分子量的胶原蛋白并摄取正确的分量 (可参考FAQ16) 较为重要。 .

19. 有什么营养素与胶原蛋白一起服用会更好?

维生素C促进胶原蛋白在体内的生成 ,并有助于 提高胶原蛋白的吸收。

20. 植物中有胶原蛋白吗?比如 “植物性胶原蛋白”

只有动物才有胶原蛋白。所谓的 “植物性胶原蛋白”,只是它某一段序列结构与胶原蛋白相似,但根本没有胶原蛋白的功效。

21. 吃的胶原蛋白还是擦的胶原蛋白比较好?

两者对于皮肤保养与功能促进都有不可磨灭的功效。因为 吃的胶原蛋白是由内开始增加皮肤基底胶原蛋白含量,进而带动皮肤含水量的增加,并促进皮肤代谢速率的正常化,还原皮肤应有的健康质感。

而擦的胶原蛋白是在皮肤表面 形成一层与皮肤相容性很高的保水防护膜,这种低致敏的薄膜可以有效将水份维持在皮肤表面,减少水份由皮肤散失的速率,如此一来使皮肤可以维持在水嫩状态,进而使皮肤由缺水不健康的代谢状态,恢复到足量水份滋养的健康状态,进而使皮肤与油脂分泌日趋正常,而还原您油水平衡、晶莹透亮的肤质。

22. 为什么有些人服用Nuewee 胶原蛋白肽几天就见效, 有些人比较久呢?

个体身体组织结构不同 所产生的效果也不同。一些人肠胃吸收功能较好,效果较快。

23. 有鱼腥味吗?

胶原蛋白本身来源 是有鱼腥味的。但是来自 韩国的Nuewee Pure Collagen Hydrolysate 拥有先进的技术已把鱼胶原蛋白的 腥降至最低,甚至你也不会察觉到。如果把它加入你喜爱的饮料, 几乎已经是完全没有鱼腥的味道。

24. 在使用产品一段时间后, 会令我的身体产生依赖性吗?

不会,人体中的天然胶原蛋白会随着 年龄的增长而减少,服用胶原蛋白的主要作用 有助于减缓流失过程并增强人体的胶原蛋白。所以你可以随时停服,也 不会 对身体造成依赖性。

25. 如果以后停止使用Nuewee Pure Collagen Hydrolysate, 会反弹吗?

是不会的。Nuewee胶原蛋白肽是采用纯天然成分, 由内至外改善您的皮肤问题,通过调节皮肤新陈代谢系统来达到美白抗衰的作用。 停用后,皮肤系统将继续保持优秀的状态, 不反弹,不依赖.

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