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Nuewee Pure Collagen Hydrolysate:
Collagen 04122021 (2)

【Collagen Hydrolysate】 是一种 高品质的生物肽海洋胶原蛋白 ,也被称为 “超级胶原蛋白”,因为它是我们的身体最能吸收的胶原蛋白形式。这是因为 “水解” 过程减少了胶原蛋白的分子大小并增加了产品的肠道吸收。.


【Nuewee纯胶原蛋白肽】 由16种氨基酸组成, 分子量低(2000 Dalton)。由于其低分子量, 它很容易被人体吸收和消化。.

大力推荐 【Nuewee Pure Collagen Hydrlysate】给以下人士:

  • 希望在日常生活中快速提升健康和美丽。
  • 想要保持滋润的皮肤。
  • 总觉得累
  • 没有足够的运动或想要补充他们的运动常规补充加强关节
  • 可能无法获得足够的每日蛋白质摄入量。



将1勺(= 5gm *)的 【Nuewee Pure Collagen Hydrolysate】加入您的饮料中,如牛奶,果汁或Nuewee 一系列的功能性配方。

每罐可冲泡 30 次。


CN-Cik-Nik-COL-脸上毛孔变小-看起来更年轻了CN-Ivorine-Teh-COL-皮肤更有弹性了CN-Kak-Izwarni-朋友都说我变年轻了-皮肤更白嫩了CN-Kung Siew Guat-COL-膝盖不痛,皮肤好CN-Leann-Ong-皮肤没那么干了

English Version:
Collagen 04122021 (2)

【Collagen Hydrolysate】 is a high-quality bio peptide Marine Collagen which is also known as “Super Collagen” because this is the form of collagen that our body can best absorb. This is so because of the process of “HYDROLYZATION” which reduces the molecular size of the collagen and increases the intestinal absorption of the product.

It has been clinically tested that the use of hydrolysed collagen improves skin suppleness, hydration and elasticity which allows its users to look younger and be healthier.

【Nuewee Pure Collagen Hydrolysate consist of 16 types of amino acids and low in molecular weight (2000 dalton). Because of its low molecular weight, it is easily absorbed and digested in our body.

Nuewee-Collagen-Hydrolysate Kebaikan

Benefits of 【Nuewee Pure Collagen Hydrolysate】:

  • Improve Skin Moisture Level
  • Improve elasticity and suppleness of skin
  • Strong and fast growing nails💅
  • Prevent and reduce the deep wrinkles
  • Thicker and strong hair👨‍🎤
  • Reduce the symptom of joint pain
  • Improve and prevent osteoporosis🏌‍♂

【Nuewee Pure Collagen Hydrolysate】recommended for people who:

  • Want quick boost of health & beauty in their daily lifestyle
  •  Want to keep moisturized skin
  • Always feel tired
  • Do not get enough exercise or want to supplement their exercise routine with a supplement to strengthen joints
  • May not get enough intake of daily protein.

Way to consume:

Mix 1 scoop (*5gm) of Nuewee Pure Collagen Hydrolysate into beverages like milk, juice or Nuewee Organic Series Products.

Can drink up to 30 times.

Testimony of customers:

Kulit-Ming ChooLutut (joint pain)-FatimatulLutut (joint pain)-Adella-Kulit-SammyKulit-Yvonne Lu

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